In Their Own Words

Read passages from letters written by Texas soldiers who died in Iraq.

For the feature article “Letters Home,” we photographed correspondence written by Texans who died in Iraq. Because we could not include all the letters we received from soldiers’ families in the pages of the magazine, the text of some additional letters appears below. We have not corrected spelling or grammar; instead, the letters appear exactly as they were written.

As of the publication of “Letters Home,” 75 Texans had died in Iraq.


First Lieutenant Doyle Hufstedler III, 25, Abilene

To his wife, Leslie, who was expecting their first child. Hufstedler was killed on March 31, 2004, when an improvised explosive device hit his armored personnel carrier in Habbaniyah. Leslie gave birth to their daughter, Grace, in May.

27 Nov 2003

Love Bug,

… I received a few letters last night and was so thriled to here it went well. Hopefully I will be able to call on 1 Dec and find out how that appoptment went. Keep sending the tapes! They do make me sad but I still want to listen to them. I think its realy cool you

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