Too Legit to Quit

A college radio show entertains listeners with rap music and a friendly drive-by.

On the Saturday after the Rodney King verdict triggered rioting in the streets of Los Angeles, there was a drive-by in Houston’s Third Ward. Usually a drive-by involves a gang member shooting at a rival from a passing automobile, but this drive-by was completely different. First, it was sponsored by a radio station. Second, no guns were involved.

“We’re having the only drive-by that’s safe,” bubbled Marcus Love, the self-proclaimed Official College Voice of Hip Hop. “We don’t care if you’re riding a tricycle, roller skates, a horse, or a Cadillac—drive on by the station. We’ve got CDs, cassettes, posters, buttons, movie passes to the latest Damon Wayans film to give away. We don’t need artillery; all we need is Y-O-U!”

The drive-by was a promotion for Kidz Jamm, a program broadcast every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2:30

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