Weed All About It

IF YOU STOOD in Matthew McConaughey’s front yard and threw a straight-to-video copy of EDtv really, really hard, you might be able hit the home of the late Texas lieutenant governor Bob Bullock; that’s how nice the neighborhood is. But why the hard-partying thirty-year-old actor is living in a three-bedroom rental in tony West Austin as opposed to, say, a loft near raucous Sixth Street is the least of the questions raised by his arrest in the wee hours of October 25 for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia and resisting transport (a sister offense to resisting arrest). Why, for instance, was he naked in the presence of another man? The literal answer is that he wasn’t: He was wearing a University of Texas bandanna. Then why was he mostly naked? While the supermarket tabloids and even Newsweek have intimated that McConaughey may be dazed and confused about his sexuality, the buzz around town is that he simply likes to be undressed. A courthouse source hears he throws cocktail parties at which his guests are clothed but he isn’t.

A more substantive issue is whether municipal

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