Why Don’t We Do It In The Park?

There are lots of places to get married besides a church or courthouse. Here's how to do it.

IF YOU’VE WANTED TO THROW ROCKS instead of rice at the gimmick-getting weddings—i.e.—snorkeling for the rings, sky diving for the flower girl; if you don’t want to say it to the judge in his sterile, white cubicle; if you can’t go the traditional church wedding … There are alternatives.

Texans can unite, two by two, in matrimony (holy or otherwise) in grand “un”tradition. On Texas historical sites. In city parks. On beaches. In backyards. On a fishing pier. In and on lots of places that don’t require classic wedding-bell hassles, long satin dresses and large, cash-on-the-spot outlays.

Cosmopolitan folk with a yen for the woodlands can get married in some parks. On city property. For free. In Houston, you need written permission from the Parks and Recreation department to do your time. Write William G. Schiebe, P.O. Box 1562, Houston, 77001 for information on the Rose Garden in Hermann Park, the really woodsy Arboretum in Memorial Park, or the gazebo and the historical homes in Sam Houston Park. Those who wish to be married in the gazebo must contact both the Harris County Heritage Society (1100 Bagby, Houston 77002) and the Parks and Recreation department. In Dallas,

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