The World’s Fastest Automobile Race

Mike Hiss says that 220 mph isn't really that fast. Don't you believe him.

IT WAS COLD AND DREARY and raining in College Station on the eve of the Texas Twin 200’s at the Texas World Speedway. It didn’t look like racing weather and it didn’t feel like racing weather, but everyone was very determined and hopeful that the races could be run. The promoters had been beating the gong for months, publicizing the event. This was to be the first ever U.S. Automobile Club ( USAC) Championship race with its Indianapolis-type cars in Texas. The track was being billed as the world’s fastest and, indeed, some of the cars had been turning laps over 200 miles per hour in practice.

The greatest drivers in USAC racing were there: drivers like Mario Andretti, A.J. Foyt, the Unsers, Roger McCluskey and Lloyd Ruby. The real bigshots. Of course this didn’t come as any surprise to anyone who knew anything about racing. There are only eleven races on the Championship tour and the drivers can be pretty well counted on to show up. For some reason they are not like pro golfers who get tired and have to


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