A Wyly Strategy

Dallas billionaire Sam Wyly has once again declared war on software giant Computer Associates. This time he just might win.

SAM WYLY LEADS THE WAY down the art-filled halls of his office in the posh Crescent Center, near downtown Dallas, and stops in front of a painting titled Fires of Santa Anna. “That’s Uncle Christopher,” Wyly says, pointing at a handsome young man gazing into the blue twilight at the distant campfires of the Mexican general’s troops. Christopher Parker, Wyly’s ancestor, was just 22 when he died in the Battle of the Alamo. “His name’s on the monument there,” Wyly says proudly. Other family forebears, I learn, served under George Washington at Valley Forge and took up arms in the Battle of New Orleans. Wyly can trace his Scotch-Irish roots to the rebellious borderland country depicted in the Mel Gibson

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