Alison Cook


This is Now

Looking forward to Jerry Jeff Walker’s second Luckenbach, looking into a new way to settle feuds, and looking back over the career of Texas’ most prolific unknown author.

Big Man, Small Town

An East Texas librarian learns the perils of shushing the wrong guy; Houston and Dallas put on the ritz for couture; and Citizen Butt picks the Texas Supreme Court.

Texas Monthly Reporter

San Antonio media indulge in self-flagellation over Henry; Dallas goes gaga over Tom Cruise; Hoston thrills to a Pearl of a blues singer.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Hieromania, the burning curiosity of glyphies; Post time in the race for Houston’s new gossip columnist; an unlikely car and an unlikelier trailer; the parking garage from hell.

Nights of Wine and Roses

Thanks to adventurous chef Michel Bernard Platz, the flowers at Dallas’ L’Entrecôte are as likely to be on the menu as in a vase.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Corpus Christi learns to grow through adversity; Houston gives Percy Foreman a rousing send-off; Austin ponders the mystery of the misappearing shoes.

Texas Monthly Reporter

The case of the purloined painting; how to tell the Surf Club from the Yacht Club; cream of the ice-cream crop; people who live in pink houses.

Texas Monthly Reporter

The bash of the century in Austin; new heights for an Alamo author; slouching toward Jerusalem, Texas; plus designer tomatoes, East Texas ingenuity, and Amazing Car #8.

Just Add Water

The issues in El Paso’s colonias are watery and grave.

Funky Chickens

The prairie chickens in Texas’ vanishing grasslands are booming and boyish.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Downtown San Antonio get a makeover; two for T-shirts; a spine-tingling story of a racehorse; the real winners at the Miss U.S.A. pageant; the Brownies go to marketing.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Grazing cheap and chic in Houston, Austin, and Dallas; tire-kicking at the Fizzlick liquidation boutique; returning a piece of Janis’ heart to Port Arthur.

Habits of the Heart

Time-honored Texas rituals by Paul Burka,

Dean’s Beans

The Mansion chef’s most redolent recipe came from Sunday suppers at his grandmother’s house.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Down but not out in Bent Tree; dishes only the devil could love; hello, Wal-Mart; stupid napkin tricks; gossip boys and Gorilla girls.