Alison Finney


As One Oswald Home Is Demolished, Another Is to Become A Museum

This week, Irving and Dallas took different approaches to residences formerly occupied by JFK’s assassin.

Where Things Stand with the Women’s Health Program

The confusing legislation and litigation, untangled. 

The State of Women's Health in Texas

For more than a year a feud has been brewing between the state of Texas and Planned Parenthood over coverage for the Women’s Health Program.

KHOU Mishandles Twitter Technology

KHOU ran a story about convicted rapist Abraham Joseph and next to it embedded a Twitter feed populating tweets related to the story. Unfortunately it pulled innocent @abrahamjoseph into its web.

Big Changes Shake Up Komen

Chief executive Nancy Brinker announced she will step down from her position in the company, but is it too little too late? 

Some Eagle Scouts are Protesting the Boy Scouts' Continued Gay Ban

A number of Eagle Scouts are sending their medals, badges, and membership cards to Boy Scout headquarters in Irving to take a stand against the organization’s announcement that it will continue to exclude gays.

Death Penalty Drugs: From Three to One

A shortage of pancuronium bromide forced the state to abandon the three-drug cocktail it has used to execute prisoners since 1982. But another drug has surfaced that will do the job. 

More Trouble Brewing at the Giddings State School

A recent report from the Texas Juvenile Justice Department reveals more problems of abuse at the Giddings State School.

Prom Queen Charged for Faking Leukemia

Angie Gomez, a Horizon City prom queen, was charged with theft by deception for allegedly telling people she was dying of cancer and collecting thousands in donations from her community. 

TDCJ Wants to Keep a Secret

Why does the Texas Department of Criminal Justice want to block the release of information about its lethal drugs stock?

The Morning After Women’s Health Reform

A new state rule that bars Planned Parenthood clinics from being part of the Texas Women’s Health Program took effect yesterday. So what does that mean for the program’s future?