Amy Prince


Victory Park, Dallas

A Quickie Guide

Bishop Arts District, Dallas.

A historic neighborhood reemerges with a new edge.

Shirt Tales

The shirt off your back.

If the Shoe Fits …

If the alpargata fits …

Gimme Shelter

Birdhouses of a feather.

Reduce, Reuse, Relax

We yield to the chair.

Bedtime Story

Give yourself the slip.

Face Value

A brush with greatness.

He Peds, She Peds

A bicycle built for you.

Foot Notes

Where elite feet meet.

Father Figures

The lights are shinin’ on a rhinestone cowboy.

Hit Parade

Drums you can’t beat.

Dinner Theater

Hot plates!


Take a whack at Willie.

Cinch It

Big old buckles for dear old dad.