Andy Langer


EXCLUSIVE: Willie Nelson on same-sex marriage

“I’d never marry a guy I didn’t like,” says the man who once covered “Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly Fond of Each Other.”

Billy Gibbons' New Toy

At the Moving Sidewalks’ first show in 44 years, the ZZ Top guitarist unveiled a custom-made guitar with a built-in iPad mini.

The Patty Griffin Effect

Her new boyfriend is a legend. But her new album is even more exciting than her personal life.

Willie Nelson to Hold Benefit Concert For West, Texas

He repurposed his upcoming show at the Backyard, in Austin, to be a fundraiser for the town recently devastated by a fertilizer plant explosion.

Billy Gibbons Boards a Psychedelic Time Machine

The ZZ Top guitarist talks about the reboot of the Moving Sidewalks, playing Austin's Psych Fest, and his love for Jimi Hendrix.

2013's Spring Album Preview

Six albums to pick up before the summer touring season begins.

A Bit of Banter Between Robert Earl Keen and Lyle Lovett

The two singer-songwriters talk about their friendship, their profession, and their tour.

Industrial Strength

Ministry’s Al Jourgensen almost died, repeatedly, before he decided that life was worth living. In El Paso.

Lessons on Being a Prolific Songwriter

Bob Schneider, the Austin singer and songwriter, created a weekly songwriting game with a strict deadline that has helped him fill five albums.

A Musical Switch From Self-Pity to Gratitude

Blue October’s CD Sway is the group’s first album since Justin Furstenfeld, second from right, spent 75 days in rehab.

The Graduate

Now that she’s left the conservatory, mandolin player Sarah Jarosz plans her next move.

The Lost Songs of Old 97's and Waylon Jennings

Seventeen years ago, Old 97’s recorded with their idol, Waylon Jennings. To mark the first release of these songs, Old 97’s recounted the time they spent with the father of the Outlaw Country movement.

Getting to Know Mr. Rogers

Kenny Rogers, who has a new album, “You Can’t Make Old Friends,” talks about country versus pop, choosing duet partners, and never letting the audience down.

Fun Fun Fun Fest Was Ahead of the Twerking Trend

The micro-festival in Austin, which is about to celebrate its eighth year, positioned itself as the irreverent, politically incorrect alternative to huge events like ACL and Lollapalooza.

Bun B’s Guide to F1

The Houston rapper and racing aficionado gives his advice on getting the most out of the Formula One U.S. Grand Prix.