Angela Washeck


Meet the Alleged Copper Thieves Who Butt-Dialed 911 Mid-Crime

A 911 dispatcher tipped off police while listening to two Lufkin men discuss the copper they were reportedly stealing. Oops.

Waco Man Allegedly Eats Family Dog

A 22-year-old Waco man allegedly beat, choked, and ate parts of his family dog in a K-2-fueled rage.

Why Celltex Might Be in Trouble

A preliminary report from the FDA contains telling observations about Celltex, the company that Rick Perry worked with last year for his experimental back surgery.

Who Vandalized the Menil Collection's Picasso?

Last week, a man dressed in a suit and sunglasses casually spray-painted the word “conquista” and stenciled a bull over a 1929 Picasso at the Menil Collection before walking out.

New A&M Study Finds “Castle Laws” Escalate Violence

Researchers from Texas A&M found that laws similar to Texas’s castle doctrine actually lead to more homicides instead of deterring crime.

Couple Living in Home Psychic Said Was Scene of Mass Grave Sues Several

Two Liberty County residents claim “Angel” the psychic, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, and a number of news organizations caused them financial and mental damages.

Moldy Jesus Visits Shower in Splendora

Yet another person has found what she believes is the image of Jesus in an unlikely place.

Texas Farmers are Nation’s Second-Most Aged

Many Texas farmers are on the cusp of retirement, but young people don’t seem eager to replace them.