Anne Dingus

Anne Dingus, a former senior editor for Texas Monthly was born in Pampa in 1953 and is a freelance writer living in Austin.


There’s Something About Weeping Mary

An East Texas community’s simple charms, captured on film.

Mirabeau B. Lamar

Why was Mirabeau B. Lamar known as the Father of Texas Education?

A Wild Life

A terrific and prolific photographer remembered.

The Book Repository

Essential reading on the Kennedy assassination.

Abraham Zapruder

How much did Life pay Abraham Zapruder for the rights to his assassination film?

Leon’s Lens

In the Central Texas town of Seguin, Leon Kubala has been documenting life and death for more than fifty years, one picture at a time.

Sandra Day O’Connor

Why did Sandra Day O’Connor once say, “I come to you tonight wearing my bra”?

Lee Trevino

Which soft drink’s quart-size bottle did Lee trevino use as a golf club?

FASHION • Tom Ford

Man makes the clothes.

The Belle Curve

Sexist, shmexist: For pure viewing enjoyment, my feminist friends and I know that nothing can match the Miss America Pageant.

Mary Martin

How many times did Mary Martin shampoo onstage while appearing in South Pacific?

War Games

In the suddenly trendy world of World War II wannabes, these Texans are big guns.

Dove Shoot

Ten years after the filming of the miniseries Lonesome Dove, screenwriter Bill Wittliff shares his photographic memories of life on the set.