Anne Dingus

Anne Dingus, a former senior editor for Texas Monthly was born in Pampa in 1953 and is a freelance writer living in Austin.


Spirit of the Alamo

If you’re an Alamo fan—and even if you aren’t—you’ll find these fifteen titles worth your while.

Blazing Brushstrokes

Growing up, I read scores of pulpy paperback westerns with good-guy-bad-guy action—and it was their amazing covers in gaudy, manly hues that roped me in.

Letting Go

Anne Dingus drives herself to tears.

Cottage Industry

For decades, family-run motels looked after weary travelers all across Texas. And who looked after the families who ran them? The Temple-based Tourist Court Journal.

Holding Court

Senior editor Anne Dingus discusses auto camps, motels, and newfangled amenities like swimming pools, ice machines, and television.

Big Shots

In the sixties, when stars like the Beatles, Dinah Shore, and Marlene Dietrich descended on Dallas, Peggie and John Mazziotta captured them on film.

All's Fair

For 117 years, the State Fair of Texas has been part parade, part carnival, part livestock show, part museum—and all fun.

Fair's Fair

The State Fair has seen it all, from a model of the Washington Monument made entirely out of human teeth to a visit by King Olaf V of Norway on Norweigian Day.

Little Town on the Prairie

Where else in Texas can you see a Picasso, a classic courthouse, and one of the most famous ranches in the country, along with an outdoor theatrical performance that’s equal parts kitsch and civic pride? If you haven’t been to Albany, get your fandangle in gear.

The Pet Set

LBJ’s dogs and Dale Evans’ horse are among the

most famous four-legged friends in Texas history. But

can you name the only pig in the Texas Animal Hall of Fame?

Wild Things

My siblings and I had plenty of pets growing up, but they were never quite as exciting as those we caught ourselves, such as tarantulas. And garden snakes. And of course, horny toads.

Brands That I Love

When I was a kid, my grandmother was partial to Imperial sugar and other products made in Texas. You know what? I’m still sweet on them.

Cover Girls

From Ann on a Harley to Anna Nicole on a Bum Steer binge, we present our fifty favorite Texas Monthly issues with a female face.

Test your TMQ

How much do you know about Texas Monthly?

It Came A-Pun a Midnight Clear

Before you start wrapping presents, here’s a gift from us to you: a Texas-holiday-themed crossword puzzle. Sharpen your pencil and get a clue.