Anne Dingus

Anne Dingus, a former senior editor for Texas Monthly was born in Pampa in 1953 and is a freelance writer living in Austin.


What’s the Beef?

Two Dallas steakhouses are accusing each other of libel, slander, and phony advertising. It should be a juicy case.

Dazed and Discovered

Sometimes stars are found in the unlikeliest places.

Blood Lines

With eight books in print, David Lindsey has established his own gory niche in the world of mystery writers.

Meanwhile, Back at the Cadillac Ranch

It’s not just another roadside attraction—here’s to a lasting monument of Texas kitsch.

War Paint

Fifty years after the bloody battle of Peleliu, Tom Lea’s paintings still prove war is hell.

Wise Blood

From one stain, Dusty Hesskew can solve a murder. That’s why he is Texas’ top blood detective.

Page Masters

This past year, Texas writers chased tornadoes, delved into devil worship, and pondered the etiquette of breast-feeding.

More Colorful Texas Sayings…

Come hell or high water, you’ll want to read our compilation of down-home aphorisms.

Critter Bidders

High-tech meets down-home in Texas’ latest ranching trend: a video auction of emus, elk, and other exotic animals.

Brush With Fame

As a curator and in his own work as a painter, Jerry Bywaters left a lasting legacy of Texas art.

The Case of The Amateur Skull Boilers

Led by an owner of a roofing company, a group of novice sleuths solves gruesome crimes in San Antonio. It sounds like a TV show—and it may soon be one.

Cheap Thrills

From “Lone State Doom” to “Land of Violent Men,” a look back at Texas’ classic pulp fiction.

Family Karr

With The Liar’s Club, a dark and lyrical memoir, a stiking new voice emerges from the oil patch.

Hi-Ho Daddy-O!

From dancing frogs to towering cowboy boots, a look at how Bob Wade’s outlandish sculptures became Texas landmarks.