Anne Dingus

Anne Dingus, a former senior editor for Texas Monthly was born in Pampa in 1953 and is a freelance writer living in Austin.


Scholarship • Jacques Barzun

Man of the centuries.

Herman and George R. Brown

How much money has the Brown Foundation given away since 1951?

E’er Heads

I think, therefore iamb: My personal tour of the history

of bad Texas poetry, from best to versed, prose to cons.

Ginger Rogers

In what movie was Ginger Rogers first paired with Fred Astaire?

Hot Books
Great Escapes

From a boutique hotel in hip South Austin to a bed-and-breakfast across the Mexican border, from fly fishing on the Llano River to bathing in the Chinati Hot Springs, 33 getaways the guidebooks don’t tell you about, courtesy of our intrepid staff of weekend warriors.

Dennis and Randy Quaid

What is the one movie that Dennis and Randy Quaid appeared in together?

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Who was Stevie Ray Vaughan’s musical role model?

Can Doodle

From the fabulous, furry Gilbert Shelton to the
hypercaffeinated Shannon Wheeler, these celebrated Texas
cartoonists will surely draw you in.

Mission Collectible

Cuff links? A commemorative plate? For Alamo hobbyists like me, rule number one is, Never surrender or retreat from the chance to snag a few iconic tchotchkes.

The Runner

books by Christopher Reich and Jay Brandon