Anne Dingus

Anne Dingus, a former senior editor for Texas Monthly was born in Pampa in 1953 and is a freelance writer living in Austin.


Body of Evidence

Who was Jesse James—really? And where is he buried?

Alamo Tome
Literature • Angela Shelf Medearis

Doing the write thing.

Performing Arts • Jo Long

Culturally centered.

Jimmie Rodgers

What respiratory ailment afflicted Jimmie Rodgers, prompting fans to shout “Spit ’er up and sing some more”?

King Fishy

A history mystery involving ranching’s King family.


Which Tex sang “High Noon” and which was a member of the Manson family?

Car Talk

Stanley Marsh 3’s mobile autos.

El Circo

As in Hanoi and Moscow, the circus in Mexico is no three-ring extravaganza. It’s one of the grittiest shows on earth.

Audie Murphy

How did Audie Murphy win the Congressional Medal of Honor?


A McKinney writer’s Brit lit.

Searching for Santa

This time of year, Yule find him hanging around East Texas: On lawns and roofs, he’s a Claus célèbre.

Howard Hughes

Why was Howard Hughes’s plane nicknamed the Spruce Goose?

Texas Primer: The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

How much are the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders paid per game?