Bryan Curtis


The Negotiation

Every year, hundreds of Texas high schoolers are aggressively recruited by the nation’s top college football programs. It’s a dream come true, but some kids must go through the bewildering process alone. And according to the rules of the NCAA, there aren’t many places they can turn to for help.

Hail Mary

Craig James—former star football player, onetime ESPN commentator, eternal antagonist of Texas Tech fans everywhere—is polling at about 4 percent in this year’s Senate race. Does he really want your vote? Or just your sympathy?

The Texas Quarterback Boom Continues

Robert Griffin III, who led Baylor to its best season in decades and won the Heisman Trophy, is the latest stick of dynamite in the Texas quarterback boom.

Freddie’s Song

Is the Freddie Steinmark saga the greatest story ever oversold?

What Do You Think of the Rangers Now?

The Rangers? Don’t look now, but after four decades of haplessness, the boys from Arlington are poised to make a run at something more than just another pennant. They might just be … America’s (new) Team.

Arms Race

We used to be known for running backs, but all of a sudden, we’re famous for producing some of the country’s best passers, from Drew Brees to Colt McCoy. What turned our high school football programs into quarterback factories?

False Start

Vince Young, off his game.

Blazing Saddles

Guns up! Way up!

A Loss for Words

Where have you gone, Yogi Berra?

Sportswriter High

Three cheers for Sportswriter High.

Once More Unto the Breach

The miserable lives of Texas Rangers fans.

The Old Bowl Game

I wish I were in the land of Cotton (Bowl).

Above the Norm

Why Norm Hitzges matters.