Carol Chapman


Over the Hump

Preacher Howdy Fowler dreamed of crossing the West by camel. Many spine-jarring miles later, his wish has come true.

Atomic War Fare

Now is the time to visit New Mexico, where the A-bomb exploded on the scene half a century ago.

Big Wheel

Once he raced cars; now he builds them. Even at 72, it seems, Carroll Shelby can’t slow down.

Time Marches On

Computer-aided choreography, professional composers to score the music, mammoth budgets: At high schools and colleges across Texas these days, marking bands are playing for keeps.

Up and Atom

The death of the superconducting supercollider may have been traumatic, but at their core the people of Waxahachie haven’t changed.

Crime Pays

He hasn’t been able to find his father’s killer, but Austinite David Wheeler’s computer programs are catching lots of other crooks.

Horse Sense

Redford, shmedford: If you think the aging Hollywood hunk is anything like the prototypical horse whisperer, you haven’t met Del Rio native Ernesto Rojas Serna.

Son Rises

A Lake Jackson teacher goes to the head of New York publishing’s class.

Dow Town

When I was growing up in Lake Jackson, the center of my world was a park owned by my father’s employer. Forty years later, most of it has been sold to a developer, and natives like me are having a chemical reaction.

In Full Flower

The dirt on, one of the state’s hottest online companies.

Green Acres

How a retired agribusinessman from Houston is betting the ranch (and the jungles of Mexico) on bamboo.

Tech of the Town

How Sanderson, Hamilton, and other small communities are plugging into the high-tech boom.

Digital Docs

Austin’s VidiMedix has a simple prescription for patients who live miles away from big-city health care: Log on and get well.