Cecilia Ballí


Borderline Insanity

How else to describe the murder and mayhem and fear that have gripped Nuevo Laredo for months—and are now spilling over into Texas?

The Bad Guy With the Badge

How Conrado Cantu, the sheriff of Cameron County, lived down to people’s expectations of South Texas law enforcement.

Sounds Like Teen Spirit

Each year, some 55,000 talented high school musicians try out for 1,500 chairs at the Super Bowl of band geekery: the Texas Music Educators Association Clinic/Convention in San Antonio. Once upon a time, I made the cut.

Bridge Game

What it used to be like to cross the border.

Ghost Town

Inside the vicious cartel war in northern Mexico—and one family’s struggle to survive.

The Missing

For the women of Juárez, the terror of kidnapping—and worse—has never ended. Will it ever?

The True Meaning of the Tejano Monument

A $2 million bronze monument honoring Tejanos was unveiled at the Capitol last week. Here’s why it’s historically significant to all Texans.

What Nobody Says About Austin

Is Austin the state’s most segregated city?

The Passion of Benjamin Sáenz

The messy, lonely, and visionary life of the first Texas writer—and the first Latino—to win the vaunted PEN/Faulkner Award.