Chester Rosson


Tune In
A Q&A With Dame Edna

Dame Edna Everage (who some claim is actually Australian character actor Barry Humphries) appears in Houston June 5-10 and in Dallas July 24-29.

The Beat Goes On

How are Texas’ top two symphonies staying financially viable and relevant to young audiences? One concert at a time.

Deutsch Treat

An ethnic club’s new home brings a touch of Germany to San Antonio.

Tex Zen

When urban stress sets the nerves ajangle, it’s comforting to know there is a Japanese garden nearby.

Peach Dreams

Summertime is warm-and-fuzzy season for fans of Texas’ favorite fruit.

Fine Tuning

From the Panhandle to the Bayou City, homegrown classical music ensembles are our best-kept secret.

Shock Treatment

Three new books deliver sordid stories of drugged-up cops, kinky murderers, and a real-life drug kingpin.


Robert Bass goes after a Florida newspaper’s charitable trust; hikers and bikers go after each other on the fitness trail; a Metroplex entrepreneur goes in for class reunions.

Sound Investments

Two Texas orchestras bid for international acclaim: the Dallas symphony with a cushy, costly new home and the Houston symphony with a creative new conductor.