Chester Rosson


Texas Primer: Juneteenth

It began in 1865 as a joyous celebration of emancipation. Today young black Texans find the holiday overshadowed by more immediate concerns.

When Words Collide

At the opera house back on Earth, music sometimes overwhelms sense. But out on Planet 8 you couldn’t hear the music for the words.

First Author

A Texas Novelist Finds Favor in Washington.

Sound Investments

Two Texas orchestras bid for international acclaim: the Dallas symphony with a cushy, costly new home and the Houston symphony with a creative new conductor.


Robert Bass goes after a Florida newspaper’s charitable trust; hikers and bikers go after each other on the fitness trail; a Metroplex entrepreneur goes in for class reunions.

Shock Treatment

Three new books deliver sordid stories of drugged-up cops, kinky murderers, and a real-life drug kingpin.

Fine Tuning

From the Panhandle to the Bayou City, homegrown classical music ensembles are our best-kept secret.

Peach Dreams

Summertime is warm-and-fuzzy season for fans of Texas’ favorite fruit.

Tex Zen

When urban stress sets the nerves ajangle, it’s comforting to know there is a Japanese garden nearby.

Deutsch Treat

An ethnic club’s new home brings a touch of Germany to San Antonio.

The Beat Goes On

How are Texas’ top two symphonies staying financially viable and relevant to young audiences? One concert at a time.

A Q&A With Dame Edna

Dame Edna Everage (who some claim is actually Australian character actor Barry Humphries) appears in Houston June 5-10 and in Dallas July 24-29.