The Customer’s Man


Stolid Gold

A funny thing happened on the way to the gold boom.

The Year That Was

Awful. That’s what it was.

To Beans or Not To Beans?

It takes guts to fool around with pork bellies and other commodities.

Fool’s Gold

In today’s market all that glitters is not gold.

Tight Money, Loose Talk

Belt tightening is in order; the present credit crunch may last and last.

Diversify and Conquer

The oil companies are hedging their bets in the energy crisis by buying other firms.

Marginal Utilities

Utilities companies’ long range plans didn’t include a fuel shortage. Now they have shortages of a different kind to worry about.

Ashes to Ashes, Trust to Dust

Real Estate Investment Trusts proved that you could lose money in real estate; and nobody ever wrote to thank them for the lesson either.

Going For Brokers

It costs money to make money, nut how are brokers commissions affecting the private investor’ss chances of turning a profit?

Come Back, Little Trader

Senator Bentsen is proposing legislation to end the

two-tiered market. It might work; then again the market might take care of itself.

The Last of the Red Hot Deals

In the past people have made a pretty penny from initial offerings. No more.

Running Out of Gas

The energy crisis has caused a crisis of nerves for the Chicken Littles of Wall Street.

The Market Sheds a Tier

IBM and friends could soon be steping down from their pedestals.

The Gold Bugs

When inflation hits the international scene the gnomes of Zurich and the goldbugs start racing for the ingots. But how smart an investment is gold these days?

It's a beautiful day in Chicago

How to keep your options, stock that is, open during Phase IV.