The Customer’s Man


Diversify and Conquer

The oil companies are hedging their bets in the energy crisis by buying other firms.

Tight Money, Loose Talk

Belt tightening is in order; the present credit crunch may last and last.

Fool’s Gold

In today’s market all that glitters is not gold.

To Beans or Not To Beans?

It takes guts to fool around with pork bellies and other commodities.

The Year That Was

Awful. That’s what it was.

Stolid Gold

A funny thing happened on the way to the gold boom.

Sold Arabian

The Alamo was only the first step in the Arabs’ attempted takeover of what’s sacred to us Texans.
The Customer’s Man

Private Pleasures

Why going public is not the stock market killing it once was.

Exile’s Return

Polish up your statues of Adam Smith: supply and demand is back!

Light Switch

Turning off the juice to Texas utilities.

Stormy Weather

Why should Texans worry about New York going broke?

All Systems Stop

It used to be pretty hard to make money on the stock market but at least there were some things you could count on.

Opsie Daisy

On Wall Street, as in football, the option play isnít the big gainer it used to be.

Leaps and Bonds

Today‘s market offers the best bonds since 007.

Nothing Happened

For the market in 1975, no news was good news.