Dan Michalski


Precious Cargo

Kids shouldn’t be allowed to ride in the back of pickups. Soon—thanks to Lubbock’s Karen Slay-they won’t.

Chipping Away

Cyriz is dueling industry-gian Intel in a showdown for the fastest computers in the West.

Texas Crude

A Dallas animation team creates caroons that would make even Beavis and Butt-head blush.

Generation Mex

Many young Texans are heading to Mexico City to jump-start their careers.

Sense and Sensuality

Cythina Allen’s course in romantic relations is half etiquette lesson, half ego boost for insecure men.

Arrested Development

In a popular TV show two wise-cracking Houston cops turn real busts into slapstick.

Ready to Burn

Among the nation’s highest fire risks, the Austin area needs to extinguish its volunteer protection.


He may live in a posh Houston ‘burb, but rap star Scarface wants to fix up his old ‘hood.

State and Church

What do Ross Perot and Bob Tilton have in common (besides dallas)? Publications obsessed with them.

Lost Weekend

For Texas fans, the only thing worse than getting beat by OU was not being able to party all night.

Video Savants

Meet MTV’s Beavis and Butt-head, the wry handiwork of Dallas’ Mike Judge.