Dana Rubin


What I Learned in The Bubble

Until I house-sat there last year, I thought I knew rarefied Highland Park. To my surprise, it was much more fragile and defensive than it had seemed.

Hoof in Mouth

The biggest brouhaha in Dallas isn’t about taxes, potholes, or garbage collection. It’s about seventy bronze steers.

Feats of Laredo

Trade with Mexico has made this onetime border pit stop Texas’ fastest-growing city.

Bob Crandall Flies Off the Handle

The boss of American Airlines is mad as hell at cut-rate competitors, selfish unions, and ignorant government regulators—and he’s not going to take it anymore.

Mayan Holiday

In Chiapas—Mexico’s wildes state—you can find cowboys, Indians, and ancient cities in the mist.

Power Flower

Mother Nature made it impossible to grow azaleas in Dallas’ alkaline soil—unless you mulch with money.

Focus: Roe Redux

A look back at Roe v. Wade on its twentieth anniversary—and at the key players in Texas who made it happen.

Lady or Tiger?

Flamboyant philanthropist Wendy Reves showered her hometown with money for a makeover—but she wanted to run the show.

The Lake No One Knows

From longtime locals to environmentalists, everyone has an opinion about the future of Caddo Lake—but the issues they’re debating are as murky as the lake itself.

The Texas 100: Money Becomes Electra

As a bitter family feud drags on, Electra Waggoner Biggs if fighting to keep her fortune—and her ranch—intact.

To Ellum and Back

The face of Dallas’ most eclectic neighborhood changes every day, but its appeal remains familiar—and it keeps getting stronger.

Courting Costs

When millionaire tennis star Martina Navratilova and her lover went to court, it was the lawyers who won.

Holy Trinity

Three Spanish missions are El Paso’s own heaven on earth.

Alone With a Ghost

Carol Collins thought her ex-husband had been killed in Vietnam—until a mysterious photograph reopened old wounds and threw her life into turmoil.

The Real Education of Little Tree

An Alabama Klansman posing as a folksy Texas novelist almost pulled off the literary hoax of the century.