Dana Rubin


The Rise and Fall (and Rise and Fall) of Marcy Rogers

When her charitable foundation collapsed amid allegations of mismanagement, the Dallas socialite did the unthinkable: She started a new one.

Paper Trail

Why isn’t the Texas state archives trying harder to recover rare historical papers?

The Ghosts of the Freedmen

Dallas is a city that has prided itself on having escaped the hostility of the civil rights years—until now.

Going by the Book

Under Jim Hightower, the agriculture department was liberal and loose. Under Rick Perry, it will be corporate and crisp.

Calm After The Storm

Stormie Jones’s historic transplant gave her four and a half good years. But at what cost?

God’s Jeweler

Piery or passion: the trials of James Avery, craftsman.

Power Switch

Are customers of the Comanche Peak nuclear plant better off with safety advocate Juanita Ellis on the inside or the outside?

A Soldier’s Secret

In the farming town of Whitewright, stolen tenth-century illuminated manuscripts and ivory reliquaries weren’t all that Joe Meador had to hide.

Little House on the Plaza

John Neely Bryan’s cabin may be a fake, but as Dallas’ only claim to the past, it’s a beloved fake.

The All-American Crooks

Football players at Dallas’ Carter High had it all: god futures, a state championship, and the feeling that they could do no wrong. The trouble was, their favorite hobbies were guns and holdups.

The Day Leroy Died

When a small private bank was closed on August 7, depositors lost all of their money, a pillar of the community came tumbling down, and the town’s trusting way of life was shattered.