Don Graham


Mission Impossible

Viva Max!

Wayne’s World

A flood, a fire, a car accident, a murder, and of course, a restaging of the battle for Texas’ independence: scenes from the making of The Alamo.

Stream of Consciousness

Rereading John Graves

Border Skirmish

Américo Paredes.

Any Given Sunday

Don Graham on Peter Gent.

O Pioneers!

Don Graham on Sallie Reynolds Matthews.

Mr. Texas

Don Graham doffs his hat to J. Frank Dobie.

Southern Discomfort

Don Graham remembers Willie Morris.

Beyond the Pale

Don Graham corrals Pale Horse, Pale Rider.

The Johnson Treatment

Don Graham rereads The Gay Place.

The First Picture Show

Horseman, Pass By

Cotton Tale

Long before Lonesome Dove and other cattle-culture classics defined Texas for the world, Hold Autumn in Your Hand—a novel that wasn’t about cowboys or Longhorns—won critical acclaim. With good reason.

Picture Perfect

Why Peter Bogdanovich filmed in black and white, who discovered Cybill Shepherd, which onetime soap opera diva read for the role of Jacy, and other secrets of the making of The Last Picture Show .

Unreality Bites

As ever, Texas looms large in the movies’ imagination—large and largely inaccurate.

Katherine the Great

Indian Creek native Katherine Anne Porter is the finest author ever to come out of Texas. But only recently has her home state stopped writing her off.