Doyin Oyeniyi


UT’s Student Newspaper Addresses Racism

After the Daily Texan caused national uproar by publishing a controversial Trayvon Martin cartoon, the paper has taken several steps to be more diverse, including publishing a series on race. 

Five Texas Teens Doing Big Things

An Austin teen will be the first American to graduate from an elite ballet school in Russia this spring. She is just the latest in a string of Texas teens who have accomplished impressive things in the past few years.

Anti-Bullying Video by Cypress Students Goes Viral

Students at Cypress Ranch High School wrote and performed the song “Who Do U Think U R,” filming a music video that has already received nearly 50,000 hits on YouTube.

Texans React to Oral Arguments in Supreme Court on Obama's Healthcare Law

Here’s what Texan elected officials had to say about the three days of oral argument in the Supreme Court over Affordable Care Act.

Houston Press Writer Incurs Wrath of Blogosphere for Stripper Post

Press writer Richard Connelly reveals that a Houston Chronicle society reporter maintains a double life as an “angry stripper.” Outrage ensues!

Foursquare Founder Checks Out

Naveen Selvadurai, co-founder of social networking site Foursquare, announced that he was leaving the company on his personal blog. But why?

The Perfect Spokeswoman for Breastfeeding?

Beyoncé was spotted breastfeeding Blue Ivy at a NYC restaurant last week, leading breastfeeding advocates to rejoice.

Terrell Owens Faces Foreclosure on Two Dallas Condos

The former Dallas Cowboy is delinquent on payments on two Dallas condos, which could go up for auction in March.