Eileen Schwartz


With stars ranging from Willie Nelson to Tommy Lee Jones, an Austin awards show gets top billing. Plus: The North Texas Irish Festival harps on its success; Houston has a weekend perfect for the kids; El Paso packs the house for the Siglo de Oro; and Dallas’ Meadows Museum has visions of Spain.

Around the State

From ballet to boot-scootin’, Houston offers up a great weekend. Plus: Austin and Dallas put artists on display; Galveston gets fat; San Antonio hits an operatic high note; and the San Antonio CineFestival focuses in on the films of Efrain Gutierrez.

Poster Boy

Artist Frank Kozik has been called a “rock-poster genius,” creating jarring, macabre images for bands like the Butthole Surfers and Sonic Youth. So why did he leave Austin for San Francisco seven years ago? He had his designs.

Babin Fever

Woodville’s Lucas Babin may be this year’s model, but when he left for L.A. to make it big, he had no idea that he’d have such a smooth landing on the runway.

This Place Is A Zoo

Want to get up close and personal with kudus and kangaroos, tigers and toucans, okapi and orangutans? We’re especially fauna these zoos, the ten best in the state.

Zooing Around With the Kids

“Why do zoos keep animals in cages?” Tips on answering this and other questions.

Tomorrow People

Meet the senior class of what might be called Texas Music U. — four up-and-coming acts that should graduate to the big time.

Musical Marginalia

The places, people and stories behind Texas music.

Waiting for My Man

As the girlfriend of a musician, I get to carry guitars at three in the morning and hear the particulars of our relationship come blaring out of the radio. Would I change it if I could? Not on your life.