Eileen Smith – DUPE


CSI: Anahuac

The John Doe case that continues to haunt a small town in Texas.

Brain Storm

The role of the cerebellum and underlying brain abnormalities in autism.

The Time of His Life

The original dirty dancer, Patrick Swayze, died Monday at the age of 57.

Sweater Weather

Yes, it’s summer in Texas. It’s the summer to end all summers (please, God), with record-breaking heat, triple-digit temperatures, and the uncontrollable urge to sit in your freezer, atop the Häagen-Dazs bars.

Art in a Bottle

Yes, Virginia, there is some art in Austin.

Dreams from My Father

How my dad learned to stop worrying and love a Democrat.

Governor Perry Chooses License Plates

Proving his conservative credentials, Gov. Perry held a press conference with the Texas Alliance for Life to express his support for specialized “Choose Life” license plates.

‘Twas the List Before Christmas

And my favorite Christmas present of all time is…

She Gets It

The past two administrations have appointed women to the most prestigious position in the cabinet, no longer relegating those of the female persuasion to the thankless roles of First Lady.

What’s in Your Wallet?

If you decided that 2008 was the year for you to cut yourself off from society, shed all material belongings, live off the land, and grow your own food, then you’ve got a pretty good head start.

Thy Rod and Thy Staff

How the Illinois governor got caught with his pants down.

The Chattering Class

Reader comments in the final days of the election.

The Day After

Journalists and other notables to give us their reactions to the long campaign and the election of Barack Obama.

Speaker Up

Candidates for Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives tell us why they think they should hold the highly coveted gavel.

Madame Secretary, I Presume?

Hillary Clinton has served on the Senate Armed Services Committee, visited troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, and successfully dodged hostile (as opposed to agreeable) gunfire in Bosnia.