Emily Yoffe


Act II

After years of being alternately judged a great playwright and a great disappointment, Edward Albee has found his footing in Houston, where he teaches, socializes, and gets star treatment.

Focus: Schmooze Cast

When Leadership Texas began, there were no role models for women. Now its members are the role models.

The Man Hollywood Trusts

From Top Gun to Batman, Austin’s Warren Skaaren writes the movies everyone wants to see.

How Not to Rob a Bank

Two nice guys with financial troubles thought they found the perfect solution to the bust. Well, it seemed like a good idea at that time.

The Bush League

In George Bush’s Cabinet, Texans are crawling out of the woodwork. Read about their pasts, their pets, their secret passions.

A Dirty, Rotten Mess

Every day each of us contributes five pounds to the growing mountain of garbage. Now the mountain looks like a volcano that’s threatening to erupt.

Onward Through the Fog

The plane was heading to Houston at dawn. Surely the pilot was kidding when he said we would be landing in Nashville.

The Ants From Hell

Fire ants are on the relentless march across Texas, maiming, devouring, and stinging the living daylights out of everything in their path. We’ve tried to stop them, and it has only made them stronger.

Boone Pickens and the Roach Motel

The controversial home of an embattled college president is a symbol of a Panhandle brawl full of conspiracies.

The Seven-Year Hitch

In 1981 these romances made the Dallas Morning News. We find out who’s loving happily every after.

The Desperate Man

Everyone knows a single man has it made. His one wishes the fun was over.

The Double Life of Finis Crutchfield

The bishop denied until the end that he got AIDS from homosexual contact. But the furor that resulted from his death has opened the door on his life as a gay man.

The Best and the Worst Legislators

We just rate them. You voted for them.

The Deadly Doctor

As a medical student, Deborah Spiva was at the top of her class. As a researcher, she did experiments that came out perfectly. As a physician, she was known for treating patients with rare diseases. She was too good to be true.