Emmet Sullivan


Breaking News

Senior editor Nate Blakeslee on breaking the Texas Youth Commission scandal.

Family Politics

Writer-at-large Jan Jarboe Russell on talking to Mary Alice Cisneros about politics.

A Way of Life

Writer Robert Draper on remembering his own experiences with illegal immigrants.

Crime Fighters

Senior editor Pamela Colloff on talking to the Texas Rangers.

The Look

Photography editor Leslie Baldwin on selecting the perfect photo for the cover.

Bad Boys

Executive editor Skip Hollandsworth talks about intimidation, stereotypes, and the Bandidos, one of the most notorious biker gangs in Texas.

Image Maker

Contributing photographer Wyatt McSpadden on getting the right shot of the Bandidos.

The Money Guy

Executive editor S. C. Gwynne on writing about political donor Bob Perry.

Time to Make a Change

Writer-at-large William Martin on investigating a needle program for drug users in Dallas.

Presidential Profile

Editor Evan Smith on analyzing George W. Bush’s legacy.

History Lesson

Senior editor Katy Vine talks about tracking down survivors of the New London school explosion and listening to their stories about that fateful day.

Still the One

Senior editor Michael Hall on talking to musicians and using the phrase “one-hit wonder.”

Go Team

Executive editor S. C. Gwynne on writing about the comeback of the Nocona Athletic Goods Company.

Family Matters

Senior editor Nate Blakeslee on talking to gay couples who want to adopt children.