Erica Grieder

Erica Grieder is a senior editor at Texas Monthly. From 2007 to 2012, she covered Texas as the southwest correspondent for the Economist, to which she still contributes. Her writing has also appeared in the New York Times, the Spectator, the Atlantic, Foreign Policy, and the New Republic. Her first book, Big, Hot, Cheap and Right, was published in April 2013 by Public Affairs Books. She lives in Austin.


EmpowerTexans Has No Business Running Texas

No offense to Michael Quinn Sullivan, but he’s never even won a Republican primary runoff, has he?

The End Game

The Senate has already lost the fight over tax cuts.

Lege Gone Wild!

Eight hundred hours of secret video footage have the House on high alarm.

Dear Mamas

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m defecting from the War on Women

The Senate Passed a Property Tax Reform!

In an amazing plot twist, the Texas Senate passed a real property tax reform bill yesterday.

The Politics of Jade Helm

A partial defense of the conspiracy theorists

Advantage: House

On fiscal issues, at least, they have a unified front.

The Plot Against Public Education

The Lieutenant Governor’s Internet Commenters Council is misreading history, and the Pre-K bill. 

The Senate Gets a Voucher

The bill passed today would either save the state money or provide thousands of scholarships to Texas students.

How to Check Whether Anyone, Including Me, Is Telling You the Truth

I’m a lot more credible than Judicial Watch. But don’t take my word for it. 

The Lopsided Fight Over Tax Cuts

The House’s proposal is better than the Senate’s, for at least half a dozen reasons

The Politics of the Minimum Wage

The issue isn’t as partisan as it may appear.


It’s hard to argue with results of the House debate over the budget bill.

So Long, Texas Senate

If the chamber isn’t taking things seriously, why should we?

Pistol Pushers

How a few gun rights activists hijacked the political debate over open carry.