Erica Grieder

Erica Grieder is a senior editor at Texas Monthly. From 2007 to 2012, she covered Texas as the southwest correspondent for the Economist, to which she still contributes. Her writing has also appeared in the New York Times, the Spectator, the Atlantic, Foreign Policy, and the New Republic. Her first book, Big, Hot, Cheap and Right, was published in April 2013 by Public Affairs Books. She lives in Austin.


A New Day on Guns

Dan Patrick has some tough talk for the Tea Party about open carry.

Brace Yourselves

Will 2018 bring another New Day?

Patrick's Committee Assignments

Technically speaking, every day is A New Day.

A New Day, Day 2

The Texas Senate’s vote to abandon the 2/3rds rule is all about campaign promises. 

The New Regime

Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, and the future of Texas.

The Coming Debate Over Medicaid Expansion

Let’s all agree on one this much: Medicaid is supposed to be a health care program, not a jobs plan.

Through the Looking Glass

How Erica Grieder learned to stop worrying and look forward to the Eighty-fourth Legislature.

Governing Time

On the first day of the Eighty-fourth Legislature, the Texas House voted for order. 

Another Problem with Purity Tests

The Tea Party’s pursuit of purity is particularly damaging in Texas

Conservatives Are Dangerously Overinterpreting the Speaker's Race

John Boehner’s re-election shows that national conservatives should have been paying attention to the Tea Party’s travails in the Texas House. 

Three Reasons Not to Panic About Oil Prices

Texas is much less vulnerable to an oil bust than it once was, or than one might think.

Gambling In The Casino

Jack Stick’s resignation shows that even in Texas, some things count as corruption

How to Earn a Bum Steer Award

Step one: study Wendy Davis’s example.

Our Bum Steer of the Year

If you’re surprised by this year’s pick, you may be eligible for a Bum Steer Award of your own

Taking on tuition deregulation

Charles Schwertner makes the conservative case against tuition deregulation