Francesca Mari

Francesca Mari is an associate editor at Texas Monthly. Her essays, reporting, and criticism have appeared in the New Republic, the New York Times, the Paris Review, Dissent, and elsewhere.


The Talented Mr. Khater

In 2011 Callie Quinn moved from Austin to Chile to experience a new way of life. Then she met a charming fellow foreigner—and almost lost everything.  

The Click Clique

Amber Venz was just a pretty Dallas girl with good taste and a blog, until she figured out something revolutionary: how to make money with every post. Meet the 27-year-old queen of a whole new fashion empire.

A Summer Weekend in Oaxaca

Unwinding in Mexico’s fertile crescent of arts and crafts (and moles).

Fixing the Fruits of the Earth

The sweet onion! The mild pepper! The maroon carrot! These and countless other tasty fruits and vegetables wouldn’t exist but for the scientists of the Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center at Texas A&M, which celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year.

Finally, a Valid Excuse For Doodling During a Meeting

A new book explains how drawing stick figures and other little illustrations during meetings and group sessions can help clarify thoughts and ideas.

Texas's Love Affair with James Turrell

Turrell, now one of the most famous artists alive, has long captivated the attention of Texas’s art patrons, bringing world-class art to the state’s museums and universities.

What Is Art?

When Playboy Enterprises—yes, that Playboy Enterprises—erected a forty-foot-tall sculpture near Marfa, it was convinced the town would appreciate its take on the local art scene. Instead it started a revealing debate.

So, Is It Art? Talking to Playboy's Creative Director of Special Projects, Neville Wakefield

Whose idea was it to install a Playboy sculpture in Marfa?

So, Is It Art? Talking to Prada Marfa Artist Michael Elmgreen

Elmgreen thinks TxDOT needs to change their definition of an advertising sign.

Did Playboy Screw Prada?

The dustup around Playboy’s controversial art installation outside of Marfa revealed regulations that might require the removal of the famous Prada Marfa sculpture.

Playboy Marfa Must Go. For Real This Time.

Updated: TxDOT says The Bunny is still illegal, but will allow it to stay until around December 20.

How Medieval Times Became the Largest Breeder of Pure Spanish Horses in America

The "dinner theater" chain supplies all of its castles with purebred Andalusian horses, which are all born at an unassuming ranch in Sanger, Texas.