Gary Cartwright

Gary Cartwright received his B.A. in journalism from Texas Christian University. He has had a distinguished career as a newspaper reporter and as a freelance writer, contributing stories to such national publications as Harper’s, Life, and Esquire. He was a senior editor at Texas Monthly for 25 years until his retirement in 2010 at age 76. Cartwright was a finalist for a National Magazine Award in 1986 in the category of reporting excellence. He has been the recipient of a Dobie-Paisano fellowship and has won the Texas Institute of Letters Stanley Walker Award for Journalism and the Carr P. Collins Award for nonfiction. He won the 1989 Press Club of Dallas Katie Award for Best Magazine News Story. He also won the 2005 Headliner Club of Austin award for best magazine story. Cartwright has written several books, including Blood Will Tell, Confessions of a Washed-up Sportswriter, Dirty Dealing, and Galveston: A History of the Island, published in 1991. He has co-written three movie scripts, J. W. Coop (Columbia, 1972); A Pair of Aces (CBS-TV, 1990), which he also co-produced; and Pancho, Billy and Esmerelda, which he co-produced for his own production company in 1994. In addition, he co-produced Another Pair of Aces for CBS. Blood Will Tell was filmed by CBS-TV as a four-hour miniseries in 1994. In 1998 his book, HeartWiseGuy, was published.


Talking to Texas

Forty-two extraordinary tales from forty-two ordinary Texans.

Boom and Bust

When oil and real estate boomed, a lot of Texans rode the tiger. But the beast turned, and those who weren’t devoured faced the prospect of limping back. It has been a long but not uninteresting trip.

Hank Avery. Wheeler-dealer. Ron Burton. Still Rocking Along. Joan Yamini. The Conscience of a Liberal. David Griffin. Suburban Paradigm.

Family and Friendship

Our search for identity is really a search for familial bonds. By our children and our parents, by our forebears and our closest friends, by the reflections of those with whom we surround ourselves, so shall you know us.

Shelilah Tucker. My Daughter, My Self. Sheri Connell and Cindy Garzonie. The Best of Friends. D.D. Lewis. A Whole New Ball Game. Debbie Salamon. In Search of Her Past. Trey Henderson. Four Generations and Counting. Barbara Scoggins. Back to the Farm. Bishop Powell. The Rhythm of Life. Clyde Blackman. Super Mom.

Hope and Despair

Face it, life isn’t fair. The cards fall in random patterns, and for every winner there is an uncomfortable number of losers. But what goes around comes around, and in the seeds of calamity we often find new beginnings.

Mary Margaret Adams. To Russia With Love. Letty Banda. Be It Ever So Humble… Libba Bray. A Shattering Reality. Simon Salinas. Hard Times in Willacy County. Gladys Gerst. A Vision of Equality. Joe Garcia. Hot Lead, Cold Turkey.

Passion and Adventure

Texas was founded by risk-takers, place-makers, and folks on the run, and their spiritual descendants are our common stock. Our heritage is not a concert for the fainthearted, but if you hear the music you’ll want to dance.

Cheater Bella. Breakout. Marvell E. White. Prejudice and Pride. Mary Christine Higgins. That Lonesome Whistle. Don Foster. For Art’s Sake. Ben Ezzell. Deadline in a Small Town. A.J. Alamia, Jr. Young Upstart. W.A. King, Jr. Snakes Alive! Betty Howell. Moneyquest. Greg Whittaker. On the Beach.

Work and Reward

For some, work is its own reward. For others it is a compromise, a trade-off to some ulterior purpose. And yet it is the owrk that defines us. There is something in the doing that gives us stature and makes us whole.

Terry Flowers. Island in the Slum. Gigi Huang. All-American Girl. John Martinez. Best Gears of His Life. Jack Butler. Putting the Paper to Bed. Robert D. Cain. DJ to the Shut-ins. Sister Maria Carolina Flores. The Nun’s Story.

The Land, The Roots, The Myth

Whether it wells from the high pine walss of East Texas, the haunted valleys of the Hill Country, the violent uplifts of the Trans-Pecos, or the salty, low-relief vistas of the coastal plains, the Texas myth shapes and claims up all.

Leo Tynan. Country Doctor. Linda Walker. Ranch Matriarch. Elroy Brown. Rows to Hoe Before I Sleep. Bobby Calhoun. Against the Grain. Kathleen Olsen. Land Heiress. Mike Levi. Where the Buffalo Roamed. Laura Shrader. Westward, Ho!

The Big Blow

On September 8, 1900, a devastating hurricane blasted Galveston, changing life on the Island forever.

The Island In Winter

Discover the charms of Galveston off-season, when the only visitors are you, the gulls, and the ghosts.

Scene of the Crime

It all looked so different 27 years ago.

I Was Mandarin...

Clues left behind by a former Dallas cop convinced his son that he killed President Kennedy—but that’s just the beginning of the mystery.

The Old Soldier

In 1957 General Walker warned his troops of rampant communism and lost his job. Today the world has changed, but he hasn’t.

Willie, the Actor

Is being himself good enough?

The Real Deal vs. The Real Meal

Boxing caught its second wind when George Foreman went the distance with the champ, Evander Holyfield.

Who Says One Man Can’t Change The World?

And now, speaking for the poor and downtrodden, Ernie Cortes.