Gregory Curtis

Gregory Curtis was born in Corpus Christi and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. He received a BA in English from Rice University and a master’s in English from San Francisco State College. While in San Francisco, he ran a very small printing and publishing company. He became a staff writer for Texas Monthly in 1972, just as the magazine was launched, and was promoted to editor in 1981, a position he held until 2000. In addition to Texas Monthly, he has written for the New York Times, New York Times magazine, Rolling Stone, Fortune, and Time. Curtis is the author of The Cave Painters and Disarmed: The Story of Venus DeMilo. He lives in Austin and is an adequate equestrian and aspiring magician.


The Girl, the Con Man, and the Massage Parlor King

The girl wanted love, the men wanted money, and when they all got together it was murder.

The Voice from the Tower

The weirdest student demonstration ever.

Learning the Ropes

Wrestling isn’t fixed; it was never broken.

Keeping Them in Stitches

If you want a suit only a soul singer would wear, we’ve got a tailor for you.

The Wages of Fun

The worst things in life are free; venereal disease, for instance.

The New Facts of Life

Is doing what comes naturally good enough these days?

The Dream House of H. Allen Smith

When a noted American humorist retired to Alpine, the joke was on him.

What’s My Line?

Don’t bet your life—or your livelihood—on a football point spread.

The White Shoe

Sole food for Middle America.

Star Struck

Star light, star bright, will the computer work tonight?

Book Joints

The irresistible lure of used paperbacks.

Man Bites Dog

How the Dallas SPCA got itself indicted for cruelty to animals, and other shaggy dog stories.

The Truth about Tequila

From machismo to counterculture in one decade.

Being Single: A True-Life Adventure

The loneliness of the long distance bachelor.

Retreat from Liberation

A different sort of women’s movement has this basic belief: give in and ye shall receive.