Gregory Curtis

Gregory Curtis was born in Corpus Christi and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. He received a BA in English from Rice University and a master’s in English from San Francisco State College. While in San Francisco, he ran a very small printing and publishing company. He became a staff writer for Texas Monthly in 1972, just as the magazine was launched, and was promoted to editor in 1981, a position he held until 2000. In addition to Texas Monthly, he has written for the New York Times, New York Times magazine, Rolling Stone, Fortune, and Time. Curtis is the author of The Cave Painters and Disarmed: The Story of Venus DeMilo. He lives in Austin and is an adequate equestrian and aspiring magician.


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As Texans’ pride of place rose with the price of oil, collectors scrambled for the few documents of the Texas Revolution. Suddenly there seemed to be plenty to go around. But no one thought to ask why.

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SMU’s fall socer season had cheerleaders; it had a band; it had pom-pom girls. What it didn’t have was excitement.

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