Griffin Smith Jr – DUPE


The Best, the Worst, and the Fair-To-Middlin’

Rating the Texas Congressmen from number one to, sigh, number twenty-two.

Why Does Dolph Briscoe Want To Be Governor?

You remember Dolph Briscoe, don’t you?

What Ever Happened to Fresh Cream?

In which our author goes sour on new-fangled cream.

Forgotten Places

What Texas one was, so these wilderness areas still remain.

What Your Mother Never Told You About Rice

A grain of truth about the high cost of food.

Divide and Conquer

Five states are better than one, when they’re all named Texas.

Waiting for the Train

While you’re waiting at the depot, Amtrak bickers with Washington, railway moguls, and itself.

Why I Like to Ride the Train

Enthusiastic railway passengers maintain that fast is not necessarily the same as best.

Forgotten Places

Four seldom visited areas of Texas prove to be proudly beautiful and almost inaccessible.

Empires of Paper

A law firm of almost 200 attorneys becomes an institution with massive power and life of its own. Three such firms are in Texas, including two of the four largest in the U.S. We open them, for the first time, to the public.


Nov 1973