Griffin Smith, Jr


Secret Places

In the hidden corners of Texas’ outback-in the foresty swamp and shimmering desert-there are a few places that are still primeval.

Forgotten Places

Of canyons, creeks, and craters: the Big Bend as few have seen it.

Little Big Man

Is it worth being a United States senator when you’­re on the losing side all the time? Ask John Tower.

Weirdo Paper Plagues S.A.

In San Antonio, some people feel that no News is good news.

Deadline in Dallas

One Dallas paper clings tightly to tradition while the other, with a new editor, looks for something to cling to of its own.

The Highway Establishment and How it Grew and Grew and Grew

All roads have to go somewhere; but it could be that roads in Texas are going the wrong way.

We the People...

When we write a constitution for the first time in almost 100 years, everyone wants a piece of the pie. In spite of it all, the new draft turned out to be an improvement. Now it’s the legislature’s turn.

How the New Drug Law Was Made

In which Texas comes into the 20th century, barely.