Helen Thompson


A Whole New Ball Game

Once, the fight for funding and attention in college sports pitted women against men. Today, with women’s sports commanding greater respectability, it’s also women versus women, and the fight is uglier.

Grande Larceny

Who has stolen almost $1 million worth of chemicals from South Texas farms?

Tested by Fire

A South Texas town rebuilds its church with faith, hope, and lots of charity.

Picture This

A creative Dallas man nails down fees hanging rich people’s artwork.

Stink Big

The sour odor of calf chips from an Erath County feedlot has one family crying foul.

Snakes Alive!

Collectors flock to Del Rio to capture a care, fantastically patterned reptile.

Movie Mac

Houston’s Mattress Mac is making a comfortable living as a film producer.

Broiling Over

Propane producers and the Railroad commission want us to retire the charcoal grill.

Water Foul

As the Guadalupe overflows with tourists, locals battle over managing crowds.

Fire Storm

Fanned by winds, flames ravage West Texas’ mountains.

Free Weights

A San Antonian is going out of business by giving away the store—literally.

Land Grab

In a historic move, the state claims co-ownership of some Brazos Valley farms.

Trial by Video

A Dallas Lawyer juries with cinematic reenactments of accidents.

Hog Wild

Houston’s young execs take to the streets on a fleet of shiny Harleys.