Helen Thompson


Rhino Relapse

Deaths among rare rhinos leave scientists scratching their heads.

Novel Approach

A gift from James Michener enriches Texas’ student writers.

Unresolved Trust

Condo Manager Sharon Butler questions what officials consider affordable.

B-ing There

“People will watch anything,” says B-film director Bret McCormick.

So Cool

A summer guide to the coolest place in Texas: the Davis Mountains.

Going, Going, Gone

Sam Greer admired his wife’s work—so much that he decided to share it.

Between the Lines

A graphoanalyst sees personality writ largein the smallest of details.

Alien Contact

Our fearless reporter survives a close encounter with UFO investigators.

Whittling Away

Students’ attention wanders when commercials come on the tube—just like at home.

Dream Weaver

A Dallas stylist’s patrons enjoy hair-raising experiences.


The ravenous whitefly is after our crops—and insecticides don’t even faze it.

Hurricane Carla

A librarian takes San Benito’s city hall by storm.

Slinging Mud

Opponents muck up the fate of Texas’ best swimming hole.

Bingo Nation

The Choctaw Nation’s cavernous hall accommodates a weekly flood of fanatical game players.