Helen Thompson


A Yen to Golf

Can the desire to win transform Japan’s gung ho golfers into pros?

Rhino Relapse

Deaths among rare rhinos leave scientists scratching their heads.

Unresolved Trust

Condo Manager Sharon Butler questions what officials consider affordable.

B-ing There

“People will watch anything,” says B-film director Bret McCormick.

So Cool

A summer guide to the coolest place in Texas: the Davis Mountains.

Going, Going, Gone

Sam Greer admired his wife’s work—so much that he decided to share it.

Between the Lines

A graphoanalyst sees personality writ largein the smallest of details.

Whittling Away

Students’ attention wanders when commercials come on the tube—just like at home.

Dream Weaver

A Dallas stylist’s patrons enjoy hair-raising experiences.

Alien Contact

Our fearless reporter survives a close encounter with UFO investigators.

Hurricane Carla

A librarian takes San Benito’s city hall by storm.

Slinging Mud

Opponents muck up the fate of Texas’ best swimming hole.


The ravenous whitefly is after our crops—and insecticides don’t even faze it.

Bingo Nation

The Choctaw Nation’s cavernous hall accommodates a weekly flood of fanatical game players.