Helen Thompson


Western Exposure

Igor Fedotov and Eugene Cherkasov fiddle around in Midland.

Shooting Star

Arms maker Jim Leatherwood produces one ugly gun.

The Write Stuff

Suzanne Coleman reveals the secret of her success: “You have to be a sentimental fool.”


Hiking in a country setting? Great, but not in my back yard, say rural citizens.

For the Defense

A seminar thrives on the public’s fear of being sued.

Buffalo Bill’s

A third-generation rancher rebuilds his spread by just saying no to cattle.

Just the Fax

Dallas sportswriter Skip Bayless takes his column high tech.


Ken Barnes wants to keep his dinosaur fossils near home.


Charm and know-how got Runnels a spot on Ronald’s team.

A Man’s Man

If the National Coalition of Free Men has its way, man-bashing won’t go unprotested.

Nervous Wrecks

A breakdown in state tow truck regulation leaves motorists stranded.

S. A. Split

The Cisneroses aren’t the only ones in the Alamo City fighting over their divorce.

Hard Rock Cachet

Urban climbers have all the ups and downs of cityscapes in their grasp.

Santa Speaks

Every day is Christmas for Claus clone Carl Anderson.

Candle Power

Troubles disappear when they’re seen in the proper light.