Helen Thompson


Bona Fide Nuts

Dallas’ Bonehead Club revels in a well-deserved reputation for contrariness.

What a Dish!

We cleaned our plate at restaurants across Texas. Here are the results: 66 irresistible specialties of the house.

Video of the Month

We’ve Never Been Licked, the World War Two vintage drama starring the Texas Aggies.

Club Hubbub

A private club’s prolonged turf war of the sexes leaves everyone teed off.

Let’er Rip!

Brown’s formula for success guarantees a happy ending.

Pop Art

An avid doodler puts a good face on his obsession with snack food.

Gathering of The Klan

Indifference to the KKK may mean that the secret organization has a new cross to bear.

Paint It Van Black

Three galas are all in a night’s work for Houston’s TV party animal.

Barroom Brawl

A new contender for the margarita-inventor title turns up in S.A.

Parr for the Course

San Diego’s museum is just on box short of telling the whole truth.

Recipe for Success

A crop of small ready-to-eat food companies in Austin take a fresh look at what’s for dinner.

Sweet Hearts

Love at first bite: Valentine messages that are in good taste.

Native Nativities

All is clam, all is bright in folk-art manger scenes.


Crash Course; Rambling Roses; Absolutely Floored; Bones to Pick

To the Brilliant Victor

Southwest Conference trophies, commemorating long-forgotten triumphs, are still winners. Photographs by Wyatt McSpadden.