Helen Thompson


Bona Fide Nuts

Dallas’ Bonehead Club revels in a well-deserved reputation for contrariness.

What a Dish!

We cleaned our plate at restaurants across Texas. Here are the results: 66 irresistible specialties of the house.

Video of the Month

We’ve Never Been Licked, the World War Two vintage drama starring the Texas Aggies.

Club Hubbub

A private club’s prolonged turf war of the sexes leaves everyone teed off.

Let’er Rip!

Brown’s formula for success guarantees a happy ending.

Gathering of The Klan

Indifference to the KKK may mean that the secret organization has a new cross to bear.

Pop Art

An avid doodler puts a good face on his obsession with snack food.

Barroom Brawl

A new contender for the margarita-inventor title turns up in S.A.

Parr for the Course

San Diego’s museum is just on box short of telling the whole truth.

Paint It Van Black

Three galas are all in a night’s work for Houston’s TV party animal.

Recipe for Success

A crop of small ready-to-eat food companies in Austin take a fresh look at what’s for dinner.

Sweet Hearts

Love at first bite: Valentine messages that are in good taste.

Native Nativities

All is clam, all is bright in folk-art manger scenes.


Crash Course; Rambling Roses; Absolutely Floored; Bones to Pick

To the Brilliant Victor

Southwest Conference trophies, commemorating long-forgotten triumphs, are still winners. Photographs by Wyatt McSpadden.