Helen Thompson


Texas Twenty: Princess

The celebritty realtor as realor celebrity.

Walk, Don’t Run

After years of arguing that vigorous activity is a key to good health, Kenneth Cooper is exercising his right to change his mind.

Black and White World

Life as it really was in Texas’ African American community, as seen through the eyes of almost forgotten photographers.

Russell Stanphill

Hello, Mr. Chips.

Tom Caskey

Tracking down deadly genes.

A Whole New Ball Game

Once, the fight for funding and attention in college sports pitted women against men. Today, with women’s sports commanding greater respectability, it’s also women versus women, and the fight is uglier.

So Cool

A summer guide to the coolest place in Texas: the Davis Mountains.

What a Dish!

We cleaned our plate at restaurants across Texas. Here are the results: 66 irresistible specialties of the house.

Recipe for Success

A crop of small ready-to-eat food companies in Austin take a fresh look at what’s for dinner.

Sweet Hearts

Love at first bite: Valentine messages that are in good taste.

Native Nativities

All is clam, all is bright in folk-art manger scenes.

To the Brilliant Victor

Southwest Conference trophies, commemorating long-forgotten triumphs, are still winners. Photographs by Wyatt McSpadden.

¡Fiesta Wear!

With these lively Mexican skirts, what goes around comes around.

Saturday Night Live

When it’s time to step out, real-life clotheshorses can always dig deep in their closets for something nervy and bold.