Helen Thorpe


Hallie and Farewell

The life and legacy of a Texas icon.

Historical Friction

Conflicting accounts of the killing of German immigrants in the Hill Country during the Civil War are creating a certain amount of dis-Comfort.

Dominique de Menil Remembered

Dominique de Menil—1908-1997

Anatomy of a Drug Cartel

The cocaine goes north. The money goes south. And Mexican kingpins like Juan García Abrego laugh all the way to the bank—a Texas bank, that is.

Plaza Sweet

The remaking of a South Texas town.

Metal of Honor

I wanted to see lightning strike the steel rods that artist Walter De Maria installed in a New Mexico field. I didn’t, but the trip was still illuminating.

The Fall of the Last Patrón.

Even by South Texas standards, the undoing of Starr County sheriff Eugenio Falcón, Jr., was one for the books.

Less Is Mauro

Barring a miracle, Garry Mauro will lose to George W. Bush in this November’s gubernatorial election. So why is he acting like a winner?

MEDIA • Debby Krenek

Read all about her.

HEALTH • Jack Roth

The doctor is in.

Can John Glenn Do It Again?

As the 77-year-old prepares for yet another liftoff, fans and foes alike are praising his missionÑand questioning NASA’s.

The Man Who Wasn’t There

Who gives a hoot about an owlish auteur with nary a directing credit in twenty years? All of Hollywood, that’s who—which is why Austinite Terrence Malick’s The Thin Red Line is the most anticipated film of the season.

News Makers

Coming January 1 to a small screen near you: A round-the-clock, Texas-specific, CNN-style cable channel. Its creators will be watching. Will you?

The Exterminator

Does Tom DeLay kill Democrats on contact? Not exactly, but as the president can tell you, the profoundly partisan Republican congressman attacks his enemies relentlessly.

Tex Mecca

What are tens of thousands of Muslims doing in Arlington? Adjusting to life in America, debating the merits of assimilation, and trying to convince the world that they’re not terrorists.