Jan Jarboe Russell


Cool, Clear Water

A drop-by-drop analysis of the major brands of Texas designer water.

The Mommy War

Kids in T-shirts bearing political slogans, ideological confrontations in the supermarket, skirmishes at the PTA. Welcome to the battle between moms who work and moms who don’t.

Billie Sol Estes Has a Deal for You

The guy whose name is synonymous with swindling is finally a free man—but it may not last.

A Case of Black and White

It wasn’t nostalgia that brought me back to my hometown. It was a black man’s violent death in a jail cell.

The $76 Million Divorce

The eldest son of Trammell Crow used his money for drugs, guns, and high living. His wife spent a fortune on personal trainers and self-promotion. Now they’re squaring off in an L.A. divorce court.

Back to the Past

With Henry Cisneros out of office, opponents shoot down a tax increase, and San Antonio retreats to 1980.

The Way Out

A modest Catholic boys’ school in El Paso could teach public schools a lesson or two about how to provide a solid education on a limited budget and send 98 percent of their students off to college.

Howdy, Comrades! Let’s Do a Deal

A Texas businessman launches his one-man invasion of post-Communist Romania.

The Lone Ambassador

Henry Catto’s friends knew that one day he would be appointed to the Court of St. James’s. What they didn’t guess is that when the time came, his wife, Jessica, wouldn’t join him.

Growing Pains

My daughter’s first day of kindergarten was hard—on me.

Sissy Spacek’s Long Walk Home

You can take the girl out of East Texas, but you can’t take East Texas out of the girl.

Meaner Than a Junkyard Dog

“Guys like me like Iraq,” says Houston oilman Oscar Wyatt. “That’s the way the real world works, baby.”

Secret Summer Places

Follow us for a great vacation, minus something all tourists can do without crowds.

Let Me Hear Silence

Once part of a vast South Texas ranch, Lebh Shomea is a spiritual retreat where pilgrims listen to what absolute quiet has to say.

The War for Thee University

Pray for Baylor. The Baptists are calling each other flat-earthers and liberal parasites, and the school they call Jerusalem on the Brazos is caught in the middle.