Jan Jarboe Russell


Six Weeks of Insanity

My summer on the Powter plan.

The Other Henry

Henry Bonilla is our first Hispanic Republican in congress. He won’t be our last.

Morales’ Paralysis

How has Attorney General Dan Morales performed in his first term? Indecisively.

John the Knife

He’s a budget cutter in an era of consumption, a conservative Democrat in a party gone soft, a good ol’ boy with no polish or flash. So why is everyone buzzing about Texas comptroller John Sharp?

Fit for a Queen

A look back at San Antonio Fiesta gowns reveals how the dresses have gone from elegant to excessive.

Down by the Riverside

More people visit San Antonio’s River Walk than the Alamo. Here’s why—our complete guide to the sights, restaurants, shops, and lore of Texas’ most popular urban park.

Sitting Pretty

After years of maintaining perfect public composure, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison now wears her ambition on her sleeve.

Judith Sanders-Castro

Keeping up the good fight.

Russell Dilday

A Baptist under fire.

Lady Bird Looks Back

Frank talk about LBJ’s life, JFK’s death, the promise of Hillary Clinton, the perils of Oliver North—and more.

Missions Accomplished

Forget the Alamo. The real spirit and history of Texas come alive at San Antonio’s eighteenth-century churches.

Shoot-out at Shamrock

On a sleepy day last September, two women came barreling down Route 66 with five police cars in hot pursuit. A tiny Panhandle town will never be the same.