Jan Jarboe Russell


Essay: Gone to Texas

Sharpstown used to be an affluent suburb. Today it’s where the world has come to live.

The Eternal Challenger

Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez has spent most of his 76 years swinging wildly at political heavyweights. Now he’s finally landed a punch—on the president of the United States.

Politics Red Square

Texas scientist Arnold Lockshin defected to Russia to find a new life. Has the collapse of communism shattered his dreams?

Endless Winter

The fire of democracy has yet to warm Moscow’s soul.

Can Bob Strauss Save Russia?

Maybe not. But then again, the veteran Texas pol has never taken no for an answer.

Flight for Your Life

When a few minutes matter, an EMS helicopter can make the difference between life and death.

Rescue Mission

The politics of trauma.

Dog Ghosts and Bottle Trees

A new collection of Keith Carter’s photographs captures the magical mojo of East Texas.

Child’s Play

“Just how hard can it be to build a playground?” I asked. The answer: Harder than anything I’ve ever tried before.

Wonder Drug on Trial

Prozac was supposed to cure Skye Morris’ depression. Now her husband is trying to prove that it caused her to commit suicide.

The War for Thee University

Pray for Baylor. The Baptists are calling each other flat-earthers and liberal parasites, and the school they call Jerusalem on the Brazos is caught in the middle.

Let Me Hear Silence

Once part of a vast South Texas ranch, Lebh Shomea is a spiritual retreat where pilgrims listen to what absolute quiet has to say.

Meaner Than a Junkyard Dog

“Guys like me like Iraq,” says Houston oilman Oscar Wyatt. “That’s the way the real world works, baby.”

Sissy Spacek’s Long Walk Home

You can take the girl out of East Texas, but you can’t take East Texas out of the girl.

Growing Pains

My daughter’s first day of kindergarten was hard—on me.