Jan Jarboe Russell


Hits and Mrs.

How Lady Bird Johnson became the first lady of Texas radio.

Henry B. Gonzalez

The life and accomplishments of Henry B. Gonzalez.

Vote of Confidence

Jan Jarboe Russell sizes up San Antonio’s
new mayor.

War Stories

Jan Jarboe Russell finds a revolution
brewing at El Paso’s Cinco Puntos press.

John Paul Cisneros

He’s is a healthy teenager (and nothing could make his dad happier).

Fathers and Sins

What happens to your belief in God when your son commits suicide after being molested by a priest? That’s a question Nancy and Pat Lemberger have been struggling with for years.

Church and Statecraft

Right with his party, wrong with his religion: where God and government intersect for Rick Perry and Tony Sanchez.

Quite Contrary

Was the sacred image of the Virgin Mary in Mexico City painted by miracle or man? Even science can’t say for sure.

Jung at Heart

When I could no longer tolerate the religious fundamentalism of my childhood, I turned to the teachings of a Swiss psychiatrist—and rejuvenated my spiritual life.

Texas Women

They shouldn’t be messed with. But you knew that already.

Bless This House

Haven’t we settled the prayer-in-politics debate and turned our attention to more important things, like the budget shortfall? Apparently not.

The Last Maverick

With the passing of Maury Maverick, Jr., Texas
liberals—real ones, not watered-down
versions—are nearing extinction.

Take Two Tablets

Should a monument featuring the Ten Commandments be allowed to remain on the grounds of the Texas Capitol? A homeless former defense lawyer says no.

Viva la Diferencia

A Harvard know-it-all predicts that the emerging Hispanic majority will be a drag on America. Tell it to your friends in Cambridge, bub.

Into The Woods

My parents and I had a generation gap. My kids and I
have a geographic gap, as I learned when I took my son
to my hometown of Cleveland.